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Question 1: What are the first steps to get started with Emily G. Collection on a decorating/room staging project?

-The first steps include taking the Interior Design Survey (located in menu), sending snap shots of the space you want transformed, and chatting with Emily on the MOST important things you want for the space.


Question 2: How much does the average room cost to completely transform into my dream space?

-This is every clients main question. To be honest, each room varies in price. The price point can depend on these factors: do the rooms need to be repainted, do the light fixtures need updating, will we need to buy new furniture for the room, etc. Emily can give you a better idea on pricing once the online survey has been submitted and reviewed.


Question 3: What if I have outdated furniture and want a new and updated look for my space?

-To save money, we can “shop” through your house, storage unit, garage, etc. and reuse pieces you already own. Repainting old furniture and adding new hardware + knobs can transform outdated pieces. If the existing furniture isn't the correct size or shape for the new design, we can find the perfect pieces from local furniture stores or online. 


Question 4: I want my house to look "one of a kind". How can we design my space so it has its own character and unique qualities?

-It’s always super fun and refreshing to incorporate family heirlooms, vintage finds, family photographs, antique items, & one of a kind pieces within your home. If you have items you know you want to include (even if they are in other rooms + locations) be sure you point them out to me! We can always re-purpose old furniture, mirrors, & decor if they have sentimental meaning. These personal touches will make your home come alive! It's touches like this that make it unlike anyone else's!


Question 5: Once we finalize the design and budget, what is the next step?

-Emily will purchase everything needed or the design. When the “design day” is put on the calendar, everything  will be delivered by the day of decorating. Depending on the size of the remodel, you will know ahead of time how many days/average  hours it will take to complete.


Question 6: Does Emily just decorate houses?

-Emily decorates, designs and stages custom homes, restaurants, offices, businesses, dorm rooms, holiday parties, and personal events. 


Note from Emily: "I’m a vintage picker + antique junkie + yard sale champ + thrift store shopper, so there will always be “one of a kind” pieces worked within your space. In my opinion, that’s the only way it should be — your home or business will be making statements with style!"

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