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Emily Guin sitting in a chair

Interior Designer Emily Guin

"Making Statements with Style" is Emily's goal in life. She is a home renovator, freelance designer, room stager, and project tackler. She is a freelance artist for Magnolia Lane Collection and has had the privilege to design for Hobby Lobby, Belk, Kroger, and numerous other businesses & gift shops. She has created custom artwork for UAB Kirkland Cancer Clinic (Birmingham, Alabama), Edison International Academy (Doha, Qatar) and Kids-R-Us International Academy (Doha, Qatar).


Her interior design projects and staged rooms have been featured + published in Cottage Living Magizine (Country Cottage - Summer 2018) issue. She loves a good DIY project and enjoys working one-on-one with clients, no matter how big or small the task!


Emily is a 2012 graduate of The University of Alabama, where she received her degree in Business Management and Event Planning. In 2013, Emily completed her certification in Interior Design and Room Staging from the Interior Design Institute of California.


Emily is more than just a designer. She is a wife, mom, daughter, granddaughter, sister, and friend. She is an Alabama native and lives in her hometown of Livingston with her husband and two little boys. There are so many things that Emily loves about life. Her relationship with Jesus Christ, time spent with her family + friends, cuddles from her babies, patriotism for her country, thrift store shopping, junk pickin', weekends, dessert, decorating, designing, and creating beautiful things are just a few of her favorites. 


Ever since Emily was a little girl, she's had a passion for decorating, design and color. "Growing up with creative parents molded my life in a fundamental way. My mom taught me to use a sewing machine before I learned to tie my shoes, while my dad educated me on carpentry tools. From the time I began earning allowance as a child, shopping for craft supplies and woodworking materials was a weekly quest. Whether it was paint materials, new fabric samples, colored pencils, markers, sketch paper, crochet needles, tool kits, or wood burners, I always seemed to find the money and time to create something".

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