Emily G. Tee Photoshoot

What an amazing day it's been! Today was our first photoshoot with Emily G. Collection Tees! Fabulous weather, fantastic friends, and Koli Nichols Photography made this day even better than I ever imagined! I can't think of many things a girl loves more than laughter, playing dress-up, being with great company, and ending the day with a delicious meal. There are a million other stories I could add to this particular post, but the hashtags will some up this day! Thank you Hannah Neel, Darby Plowman, Nicole Berastegui, and Koli Nichols for an unforgettable day!

Check out Koli Nichols Photography owned by Koli Nichols. She is a southern belle with great style, a sense of humor, and an eye for beautiful shots!


Emily G Collection -39.jpg

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