Art on a Mission (December)

This month’s Art on a Mission benefits the Memory Garden at Valley Head Elementary School. This memorial garden was designed for Rommy, Josue, & Roxanna Mejia-Bravo and Jay Parker Darwin. On Christmas Eve last year the Mejia-Bravo family lost their three oldest children in a house fire, while visiting family in Louisiana. The Darwin family lost their youngest child, Jay Parker later that month from a fatal seizure. All four of these children attended Valley Head Elementary and held special spots within the hearts of their friends and teachers. The garden was an idea inspired by the students, who attended class with these four special angels. This garden was designed for teachers, students, and families to find comfort, peace, and healing after their passing. Half of all the funds made this month will go towards finishing this memorial garden. This 18x18 artwork for $100 can be personalized with your desired colors.

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