Emily G. is Going International!

This summer was my first opportunity to design compensated artwork and furniture internationally. I have donated numerous pieces of artwork for mission related organizations overseas, but having someone contact me over ten thousand miles away was humbling. In April I was contacted by the owner of "Kids-R-Us", a children's nursery and school located in Doha, Qatar. She had found my website online and was interested in custom artwork and furniture painted for each classroom. Being so far away, I was in charge of having the furniture custom built for her specifications. With the assistance of my talented grandfather (who literally built every canvas, table, toy box, etc.), my amazing parents, husband, sister, and local handyman, we completed this huge order! With this being my largest project so far in my career, there were numerous emails, photographs, and questions emailed back-and-forth to the owner during this project. Lively colors, whimsical themes, and inspirational wording was exactly what she wanted, so I knew I was up for the challenge! Here are some images of the 10 tables, 57 chairs, 2 adult benches, 4 children's swings, & custom built toy box that will be used in Kids-R-Us. These images were taken/copyrighted by Koli Nichols Photography.

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